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Integrated monitoring and management platform


Product introduction

Using self built or third party electronic maps based on user needs, using independent research and development GISDisplay engine, integrated and distributed

The temperature, vibration, strain and other parameters of the optical fiber sensing equipment, and the static information of the monitored equipment, the integrated monitoring and management platform is set up.

It provides all – weather monitoring and real-time dynamic information for users in a visual and image way.

System characteristics

Support for cross platform deployment, support PCAnd mobile end access (CSArchitecture) that supports multiple browser access (BSArchitecture)

Support large data storage

Support cloud deployment

Support GISEngine multi platform map data

Support device and server running state remote monitoring

Support the alarm message in real time push

Flexible configuration supporting single module, multi module, Dan Yingyong, multi application

Support all types of data standardization open protocols to facilitate access to third party systems

High efficiency and stability and mature technology
system function

1Data acquisition

Collecting and receiving monitoring data of temperature, vibration, strain and pressure of distributed optical fiber sensing equipment, and the number of monitoring data.

According to processing, data transformation, data analysis and model evaluation.

2Data storage

Centralized processing and distribution of monitoring data. High speed acquisition is stored in a combination of relational data and document data

The real-time data and alarm data obtained from low speed acquisition ensure the efficiency of large data processing.

High scalability and security message engines are used to efficiently distribute real-time data and alarm data in the data center to the need.

Use the scene.

3Application of integrated monitoring and management platform

It provides users with real-time data monitoring, alarm and reminding and positioning, statistical analysis, equipment information, equipment management, parameter configuration and so on.

Can. It can interact with the corresponding alarm device to support the cross platform deployment, and the front end support is supported across the platform. PCAccess to the mobile terminal.