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Long distance distributed Brillouin optical fiber sensing monitoring system


Product introduction


The long distance distributed Brillouin optical fiber sensing monitoring system uses the differential pulse pair technology, which has a higher signal to noise ratio and precision.

1mor 2mMeasurements of the spatial resolution of the strain and temperature. It has the advantages of high insulation, anti electromagnetic radiation, corrosion resistance and long measurement distance.

It has a wide range of applications and can be used for on-line monitoring of power cables, monitoring of oil and gas pipelines, monitoring of underground pipelines, and the junction of large buildings.

Health monitoring, substation monitoring and so on.

System composition

  • (1) optical fiber cable. According to the actual situation of the measured objects, the optical cable and the measured object are laid out accordingly, and the temperature of the measured object is carried out through the optical fiber cable.

Real time perception of strain.

  • 2. Sensing host. The laser emission, reception, data acquisition, data analysis and processing are completed to form the temperature, strain, and position of the measured object.
  • Information, and local graphical display, analysis, alarm.
  • 3. Comprehensive monitoring and management platform. All kinds of applications for safety early warning of measured objects are completed.

Product features

Distributed temperature and strain measurement High measurement precision Quick responseWide range of measurement

Full line, continuous and distributed measurement Strong ability to resist electromagnetic interference Rich external extension interface

Product parameters

Serial NumberProductIndex
1Product model HDTSS-SM50K
2Measuring distance 50km Sensing(loop)100kmSensing(loop)
3Spatial resolution 1m 2m
4Sampling resolution 0.5 m 0.5m
5Measurement parameters Temperature and strain
6Strain measurement range -15000 ~ fifteen thousand UE
7Range of temperature measurement -30C ~ one hundred and twenty centigrade (dependingon the type of temperature sensing cable)
8Measurement accuracy 1degree /20UE
9Resonse time2S
10Type of filter FC/APCFC/APC
11power supply AC220v /50hz(optional)
12working temperature -10~Forty℃
13Working humidity 0~95%R.H Non condensation


Application scheme

  • Leakage and deformation monitoring of oil and gas pipeline
  • Health monitoring of large structures, such as viaducts, tunnels and dams
  • Fire monitoring of long distance transmission lines, substations and power plants in high voltage power system
  • Strain monitoring of submarine and land communication cable
  • Monitoring of geological hazards such as landslides and debris flows
  • Settlement monitoring of high speed railway and Expressway Subgrade