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Distributed Optical Fiber Temperature Monitoring System(HDTS)

Product introduction

The core technology of the distributed optical fiber temperature sensing monitoring system is the optical fiber laser radar technology, that is, laser light source is injected into the optical fiber.

In a pulse, most of the energy of the incident light travels to the end of the optical fiber and disappears, but the small part of the backward scattering light travels back along the fiber.

To. The backscattered light (Raman scattering light) is very sensitive to the temperature, and the whole root can be obtained by processing the real time signal analysis.

The temperature distribution curve of the optical fiber, so as to achieve the purpose of real-time temperature monitoring. The system can carry on the whole line, continuous, distribution of the monitoring object

Type measurement, positioning, monitoring and alarm.

System composition

(1) optical fiber cable. According to the actual situation of the measured objects, the optical cable and the measured object are laid out correspondingly and the temperature of the measured object is carried out through the optical fiber cable.

Real time perception.

2. Sensing host. The laser emission, reception, data acquisition, data analysis and processing are completed to form the temperature and position of each point of the measured object.

Information, and local graphical display, analysis, alarm.

3. Comprehensive monitoring and management platform. All kinds of applications for safety early warning of measured objects are completed.

Product features

Distance length measurement High measurement precision Quick response Wide range of measurement

Diversity of alarm methods Full line, continuous and distributed measurement Strong ability to resist electromagnetic interference

Product parameters

Serial NumberProductIndex
1Product model DTS-SM30K-1/2/4
2Measuring distance Single mode:30km Multimode:20Km(other lengths can be customized)
3Number of channels 1/2/4
4positioning accuracy + 1m
5spatial resolution 1m
6Measurement parameters temperature
7Sensing optical fiber Single mode and multimode
8response time ≤2s
9Alarm mode Differential temperature alarm, temperature alarm, temperature and speed alarm
10Fiber optic joint FC/APC
11power supply AC220/50Hz(optional)
12working temperature -10~Forty℃
13Working humidity 0~95%R.H Non condensation

Application scheme

  • Leakage monitoring of oil and gas pipeline
  • Monitoring of well temperature in well
  • Temperature monitoring of oil tank
  • Temperature monitoring of coal conveyer belt
  • Temperature monitoring of a coal storage bin (field)
  • Temperature monitoring of power cable
  • Temperature monitoring of urban Gallery