About Canada Huiangu

Welcome to Canada Huiangu Technologies

Canada Huiangu Technology Inc. is a high-tech company integrating photovoltaic technology research and development, production, sales and technical services. The company has independent intellectual property rights of core technologies, and has established close strategic partnerships with the light sensing fields of key universities at home and abroad to build a world-leading research and application laboratory for light sensing technology.

Distributed optical fiber sensing technology is the category of “Internet of things”.The goal is to realize the “Internet of things” type of monitoring, in the petroleum and petrochemical industry, electric power, mine,Bridge and tunnel construction, railway, etc. in mountain fiber, the realization of intelligent monitoring.

Measurement, acquisition, alarm, identification, positioning, tracking and management, through the establishment of a mathematical model of the process Type, realize the integration of intelligence and information.

The company has now launched ROTDR、BOTDR、BOTDAAnd phi-OTDRSix series of products, of which HAG-DTSTemperature measurement system,HAG-DVSVibration measurement system and HAG-DTSS-TDynamic distributed strain measurement series for industry technical leader  First products, comprehensive indicators to reach the international lead.

The company pays much attention to the deep cooperation with the scientific research institute. To give full play to their respective advantages, the efficient docking and transformation of scientific and technological achievements have enhanced the technological creation of enterprises.